Detoxifying, non-hydrating mineral wraps.

Infrared Body Wrap $75


Medically assisted weight-loss (Roswell office only-must make an appointment with the doctor)

21 Day Program – Lose 17-24 Lbs* $399


Get the body you want with minimal to no down time, bruising, or pain. Our patients are never put under anesthesia and are comfortable during procedures.*

Complimentary Consultations
VASER Liposuction
PAL Liposuction


Get rid of fat through ultrasonic wave lengths.*

10 Session $199


Laser Hair Removal

All skin types and colors, usually takes 6-8 treatments with our FDA approved pain free laser hair removal systems. Laser hair removal packages includes 8 treatments.*

Small Areas
Above Lip, Chin, Under Arms, Cheeks, Bikini, Areola, Feet, Happy Trail
Medium Areas
Full Face, Bikini, Neck, half arm, half legs, half back
Large Areas
full Legs, full back, full Chest, Full Arms, brazilian

1 Large Areas, 1 Medium Area And 2 Small Area


Laser treatment used to remove skin pigmentations and or age spots anywhere on the body.

1 Treatment $199
3 Treatments $450


Free Consultations

Fat Transfers

Using your body’s own fat and plasma rich platelets and with little to no down time we can:

  • Enhance face and hands that have lost volume*
  • Increase buttock size*

B12 Injections / B12 Lipo-Lyte Injections
Adding B-12 Lipo-Lyte Injections To Your
Weight Loss Plan Will Help You Burn More Fat Pounds,
Enjoy Increased Energy, And Feel Great
All While Losing Weight.*

$150 / 8 Injections

Injectables And Fillers:

Reduce Lines On The Forehead, Crows Feet, And Between Brows. (Lasts 3-4 Months)
Fill In The Parenthesis Around The Mouth, Lines Above The Lips, Enhance Lips Fill In Frown Lines.
(Lasts Approximately 9 Months)*
ULTRA – $599



Lip $10
Bikini $30
Brazillian $80
Brow $15


Tint lashes and brows from an array of colors. (Lasts approximately 2 weeks)*.

Lashes Or Brows $20
Lashes And Brow Combo $30

50 Min European Facial: Is a simple & often very relaxing way to improve & maintain skin’s overall appearance. European facial involves thoroughly cleansing and exfoliating the skin, then massaging it to boost circulation and lymphatic drainage. After a mask is applied, it is then followed by toners and moisturizers appropriate for your skin type. $45

60 min Men’s Facial: Is designed for the skin care needs of a man. A thorough cleaning, toning, and exfoliating with a relaxing facial massage. A mask to help relieve razor burn or dehydrated skin. $69

60 min Teen Facial: Is designed to specifically address breakouts that frequently are associated with adolescent skin. Teen facial consist of deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, and followed by a healing mask to help rehydrate dry, flaky skin, or to eliminate oily particles. $69

75 min Back Facial: Is designed to be beneficial in cleansing those tough-to-reach spots, targeting a variety of skin care needs such as clogged pores, back acne, and dehydrated skin. $90


Hand Paraffin $8 Hydrodermabrasion $35

Hand Scrub $10 Enzyme Peel $25

Extractions $25 Advance Stimulator Peel $50

Microderm $25 Décolletage Peel $50

Dermaplaning $25 Micro- Needling w/ Hyaluronic Acid $139

LED Light Therapy $25

Hand Peel $25

Upper Back Scrub $25

*Individual results may vary

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