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Arasys Perfector

Rediscover your body with the Arasys Perfector system. This innovative tool helps burn fat and build muscle without cosmetic surgery. At Slender Spa Med, our team uses the Arasys Perfector system as part of the whole body transformation process. Many of our patients notice changes to their body shape and fitness level after treatment.

If you are unable to loose weight or no longer have the stamina to work out, the Arasys Perfector system could help. Listed below are some of the results seen by Slender Spa Med patients after using the Arasys Perfector:

  • Improved fat loss
  • More muscle
  • Increased stamina
  • Enhanced sport ability
  • Tighter muscles
  • Tighter skin

The Arasys Perfector system uses microcurrent technology to change your body on a cellular level. As opposed to other weight loss techniques, many patients report that they gain muscle more easily after a treatment. The microcurrent technology is said to reduce inflammation to improve muscle tone and appearance.

At Slender Spa Med, we help patients achieve their ideal body shape. During a free consultation, our team helps patients create the best treatment plan for their lifestyle and needs. If you’re interested in the nonsurgical slimming results provided by the Arasys Perfector, schedule a consultation with our team. We will work with you to develop the best Arasys Perfector treatment plan to achieve your weight loss or slimming goals.

Contact Slender Spa Med today for a free Arasys Perfector consultation. Our team will work with you to create your ideal body.