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Body Sculpting & Liposuction

*Results not typical. Individual results may vary.

Have diet and exercise failed to give you the body you’ve always wanted? Sometimes it seems as though no matter how often you work-out nor how healthy you eat, you just can’t seem to shrink those problem areas. That’s why Slender Spa Med is here to help. Using Lipotherme, the latest body shaping development from Europe, we can help you tone, tighten, and melt unwanted fat.

Lipotherme uses thermal energy to help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted. It harnesses the power of heat-generating lasers to selectively break up unwanted fat and reshape your body.

What is Lipotherme?
Lipotherme is a safe, effective procedure that uses a laser (similar to those used in surgical procedures) to liquefy and remove unwanted fat in targeted body zones. In addition to removing unwanted fat, Lipotherme’s thermal effect causes the skin to contract, resulting in firmer, smoother skin that enhances your body shaping goals.
Lipotherme is literally the controlled application of very low doses of heat to liquefy fat. Once the fat cells have been liquefied, they are gone forever!
Why diet and exercise aren’t always enough.
Everyone knows that proper diet and exercise lead the way to a shapelier body, but sometimes it isn’t enough to achieve the body you desire. When it comes to losing fat in certain body zones, multiple factors including age, genetics and hormones can make it all but impossible. Lipotherme was developed for women and men who have a reasonable body max index (BMI), yet still have stubborn areas of fat they would like to remove.
What kind of results can I expect from Lipotherme
Your doctor will work with you to set realistic expectations. Results will continue to improve over the next two weeks to six months depending on your unique body chemistry. All patients report a decrease in the targeted body zone.
How does Lioptherme work?
Your doctor will first administer a mild numbing agent to the targeted zone. Then a small metal tube called a cannula is inserted under the skin and a tiny laser beam is fired as the doctor moves the cannula back and forth. As the laser warms the fat cells, it creates a thermal effect. Fat cells, which are highly receptive to thermal energy, are liquefied and removed.
Is Lipotherme safe?
Lipotherme has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for laser assisted lipolysis.

As you can see, Lipotherme offers a quick, effective and comfortable way to sculpt your body while removing unwanted fat and inches. If you’re ready to get the body you’ve always wanted, call Slender Spa Med to schedule your free consultation today!