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While exercise and maintaining a healthy weight are the best ways to improve your appearance, aging, and genetics, may, over time, negate your efforts. For example, body fat is often unevenly distributed due to genetics, and as we age, we begin to lose volume in specific areas like the face and hands. In these cases, fat transfers may help enhance your appearance.*

For over 100 years, fat transfers have been used to fill in facial flaws such as hollow cheeks, sunken eyes or indented scars. Today, fat transfers, also known as fat grafts, are used to augment many other areas of the body. They are used for “natural breast augmentation”, increasing the buttock, fillers for the hands and face, used for male pec augmentation, calf and tricep fat transfer.*

The Fat Transfer Procedure

A fat transfer is a simple procedure that can be completed in three steps:

  1. Antiseptic and topical anesthesia are applied to two areas: the location where the fat will be removed (donor site) and the treated area where the fat will be injected.
  2. The fat cells are harvested from the donor site through liposuction.
  3. The fat cells are processed, purified, mixed with your own plasma rich platelets and Selphyl (acts as a fertilizer to ensure growth) and then injected beneath the skin in the targeted area. By using a patient’s own plasma rich platelets and Selphyl the fat survival rate increases dramatically.*

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fat Transfers

A fat transfer involves your own fat cells, which means that the procedure is bio-compatible and may help reduce the risk of allergic reaction or rejection. Body fat transfers also look and feel more natural than a body implant.*

In order to do a successful fat transfer you must have an area on your body that has not been previously liposuctioned and you must have enough fat to harvest for the transfer. Your surgeon can determine this in a free consultation.

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