Does it seem like no matter how much weight you lose, you can never target those problem areas? Spot reduction through diet and exercise rarely works.* Unfortunately, our bodies decide where to burn fat, not us. Yet Slender Spa Med is here to the rescue. Using the Lipo Laser, we can melt inches off your waist, hips, thighs and other areas that just never seem to shrink.*

Lipo Laser is a new spot fat reduction system that works with lasers to liquefy fat cells. Lipo Laser is a safe, painless, and completely non-invasive treatment for fat reduction and body contouring. It gives you instant results, there’s no down-time, and you’ll notice measurable results.*

The Lipo Laser works by focusing a cold laser into fat cells, allowing fat to be extracted through the cellular wall which is then liquefied in the outer cellular area. The liquefied fat is then drained out of the body through natural lymph drainage and used up by the application of our Pro-Elixe machine. The Lipo Laser dissolve treatment is totally painless and requires no shots or surgery.

What parts of the body can be treated?
  • Waistline
  • Hips
  • Love handles
  • Thighs
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Buttocks
  • Upper, mid, and lower back
Where does the fat go?
Unless the released fat is burned in the body as fuel, it simply undergoes normal metabolic processing.
How quickly will I see results?
Many clients see measurable results after the first or second treatment.* However, a standard treatment protocol consists of two, 30 to 40-minute treatment sessions every week until the desired measurements are met.
Is Lipo Laser Safe?
Yes, Lipo Laser treatments are completely non-invasive, and clients feel little, if any discomfort. Lipo Laser’s low-level laser technology has been studied and used for the past 40 years for many bio-medical purposes including wound healing, pain relief, and inflammation.
What happens during a treatment session?
You will relax in a comfortable position while a trained Lipo Laser technician uses two multi-laser paddles and two smaller lasers to the target areas for 10-minute intervals. You are free to relax, read, listen to music, or ever receive additional aesthetic treatments during Lipo Laser.
What happens after each treatment?
You may resume normal activities (including exercise) immediately after the session.*

As you can see, Lipo Laser offers a quick, effective and comfortable way to sculpt your body while removing unwanted fat and inches.*

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*Individual results may vary.

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