Meal replacements have always been a popular weight loss tool. At Slender Spa Med, we offer Newtropin Meal Replacement products to start you off on the right track.*

Newtropin Meal Replacements

At Slender Spa Med, we carry a wide variety of Newtropin products to meet you diet needs and weight loss goals.* Our products range from bars to shakes and more . We have some of our Newtropin meal replacement products listed below. A more complete list of our Newtropin products can be found on our Appetite Suppressant page.

Elite Protein Bars
After a work out, your body starts breaking down muscle tissue to restore energy. Elite Protein Bars provide a boost of protein, without extra calories or sugar. Available in chocolate and green tea flavors, the nutrition supplements promote the creation of lean muscle mass and help with muscle rejuvenation.* Eat an Elite Protein Bar after a work out, or as a meal supplement. The unique combination of appetite suppressing ingredients promotes weight loss in most diet plans, including the Simeon Protocol.* 1 bar for $2.50
Elite Protein Shakes
Formulated with high quality whey proteins, Elite Protein shakes are ideal for a low fat, low carbohydrate, and low calorie diet plan. The all natural formula is available in vanilla and chocolate with no artificial flavoring, no gluten, and all natural stevia as a sweetener. Use Elite Protein Shakes once a day as a healthy meal replacement option for any diet plan.* 6.3 oz canister for $24.99
About the Very Low Calorie Diet
A Very Low Calorie Diet, also known as a protein-sparing modified fast is a restricted eating plan used to maximize weight loss.* The plan uses nutritional supplements (shakes, puddings, soups and bars) that replace grocery food intake.* In some cases, a VLCD may include supplements plus one meal. A VCLD is generally limited to 800 calories a day or less.*
Is VLCD safe?
Under proper medical supervision, VLCDs produce significant weight loss in patients who are moderately to extremely obese.* This type of diet has been in use for decades and has been endorsed NH’s Weight Loss Information Network and the American Council of Medicine.
How do I know if this program is right for me?
Very Low Calorie Diets are designed for patients over 30 (or over 27 with other medical conditions) and at least 30 to 40 pounds overweight.*
What kind of results can I expect?
VCLD delivers rapid weight loss.* Your results will depend on many factors including starting weight, other medical conditions, and individual program design.*
Does the program offer other benefits besides weight loss?
The many potential health benefits include lower blood pressure, lower blood-sugar levels in people with type-2 diabetes, lower serum cholesterol, improved cardiovascular health, and reduced pain in weight-bearing joints.* Weight loss with a VCLD can reduce the need for related medications.* Self-esteem and energy can also soar dramatically!*

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