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Are you interested in learning how cosmetic surgery could improve the way you look and feel? At Slender Spa Med, we have more than a decade providing exceptional results to our clients all over Atlanta and the surrounding areas. You can rely on us to work with you and customize a plan that meets your individual needs.*

We can offer you these cosmetic surgical procedures:

Body Sculpting & Liposuction

As anyone who has lost weight knows, spot reduction is the most difficult, if not impossible, goal to achieve. Diet and exercise can only go so far to reshape your body. Sometimes you need a little extra help to get the figure you want.*

Many of our clients at Slender Spa Med turn to liposuction to tackle that hard-to-burn fat in problem areas. It can be difficult, however, to remove all the unwanted fat using a traditional cannula (liposuction tube). Surgeons have always struggled to move the cannula back and forth through the fat tissue–that is, until now.

Power Assisted Liposuction (PAL) breaks up fat cells quickly so they can be more easily suctioned out of the body while laser assistance gives you as much retraction of the skin as possible. Physicians will use a unique type of liposuction tube that vibrates in order to help break these fat cells up.*

Liposuction procedure time is decreased during power assisted liposuction, which can often result in a safer surgery and little to no time recovering.* Surgery is completed with tumescent which numbs the are so you do not have to be put under general anesthesia.

The entire procedure is much easier on the body than traditional liposuction methods. Small, specific areas of the body are able to be targeted due to power-assisted liposuction’s precise technique. This means that surrounding tissues in the body are not damaged.

Because there is less damage to the body and the lipo incision is smaller, recovery time is much faster than other forms of liposuction. Look and feel better sooner with power assisted liposuction.*

Fat Transfer

While exercise and maintaining a healthy weight are the best ways to improve your appearance, aging and genetics, may, over time, negate your efforts. For example, body fat is often unevenly distributed due to genetics, and as we age, we begin to lose volume in specific areas like the face and hands. In these cases, fat transfers may help enhance your appearance.*

For over 100 years, fat transfers have been used to fill in facial flaws such as hollow cheeks, sunken eyes or indented scars. Today, fat transfers, also known as fat grafts, are used to augment many other areas of the body. They are used for increasing the buttock, filling the hands and face.

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