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Improve Your Facial Appearance

Your face is the first thing someone sees and notices about you and likely one of the elements you notice most often about yourself in the mirror. If you have started to notice fine lines, wrinkles, or other unsightly blemishes, our team at Slender Spa Med can help! Using safe injectables in our Atlanta med spa, we can help you reduce the signs of aging and improve your physical appearance. Injectables can be used to reduce wrinkles, folds, lines, and jowls.*

We offer a selection of injectables, such as:

Botox & Dysport

Botox/Dysport, are actually muscle-relaxing agent derived from Botulinum, which reduces fine lines and wrinkles by temporarily relaxing the muscle. Results usually last approximately 3-4 months.


Can be used to outline the lips, increase volume in the lips, fill in the nasal labial folds from the nose to the mouth, add definition or volume to the cheek bones. It can also be used most places on the body that lack volume. Most fillers will last approximately 9-12 months*

PRP Facial/Facelift

The patented system uses Platelet-rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM) to promote new cell growth. We collect a small volume of your blood and put it in a centrifuge to separate these naturally occurring growth factors. The PRFM is then applied to a treatment area to stimulate natural, new growth. Similar to any dermal filler, the PRFM is injected below the skin in the problem area.*


Sculptra Aesthetic is an FDA-approved injectable that helps gradually replace lost collagen — an underlying cause of facial aging — for results that can last more than three years.*

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Injectable treatments and dermal fillers can be used to help you look younger without undergoing surgery. They can add volume to the face, lips, cheeks, and even the hands.*

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Injectable Treatments In North Atlanta

*Individual results may vary.

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